It is safe to say that up to a point in the early 2000s, Microgaming (MGS) did not have major competition in the online gaming space as they were pretty much the first big online casino games and software provider. When NetEnt launched their own casino in 2002, this shook up the online gambling world and jolted the behemoth awake. Today, top-netentcasinos are all over the internet.


Microgaming vs NetEnt, who are they?

NetEnt was founded in 1996 but only launched their first online casino in 2002. A year later NEtEnt started to deliver their casino modules to various customers and their sales grew when they also started dealing with international operators. They were licensed by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) in 2005 and in 2009 became listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. See familievillacuracao for NetEnt's casinos.

Microgaming, on the other hand, was formed in 1994 when they claimed to have released the first online casino game hacked together with solitaire cards. This company's history is difficult to trace coherently as there is evidence of a South African connection, strangely where online casinos are banned. Still they claim to have released the first online jackpot slot, Cash Splash, in 1998.

The old vs the new

Whereas Microgaming were the first online casino provider, it is this staid and responsible approach to online gaming and the sense of familiarity that their vendors have with their software that could be a drawback this comparison. Microgaming had to think reactively when they belatedly launched their Quickfire offering in 2010 to compete with the likes of the NetEnt modular model.

On the other hand, NetEnt is still seen as the new kid on the block, even after 20 years in the iGaming game. NetEnt's releases are consistently seen as innovative and exciting and the traditional providers cannot afford to ignore them any more. NetEnt has made huge strides forward with their software and online games and are not afraid to embrace new technology.

Microsoft vs NetEnt - The games

Microgaming's game releases are seen as quantity with very little quality. At one stage there was at least 5 new MGS games per month. However, each new game release was seen by some players as a paint-by-numbers game where a 'new' game was just a re-skin of an old game template. There are players that like this familiarity and the Migrogaming game, the Dark Knight remains a firm favourite.

NetEnt's games are continuously built on the best graphics available and their games feature high resolution 3D graphics complemented with stereo cinematic sounds. It was this emphasis on the user experience by NetEnt that forced MGS to abandon its in-house game design division and started acquiring independent game studios to try and close this gap in the quality of their games.

Microsoft vs NetEnt - The conclusion

When considering a casino, one has to consider the games providers that supply that casino. Microgaming's corporate culture affects the quality of their games but this conservatism might appeal to certain players that are happy with the templated and tested. An open and vibrant corporate culture such as that of NetEnt is ideal to foster innovation that might appeal to a different set of players.